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Photo of the Year 2022

"Nice Looking Metal"

Sandy Canning

How to add Member Photo albums

Member photo albums are collections of photos that can appear on a member's profile. 

Members can create multiple photo albums and upload photos to their albums. Members can add descriptions to their albums and captions to their photos.

To view any member's photo album(s) you need to go to the Member Directory and select the member you want to see. Their album(s) will be displayed at the bottom of their profile.

Adding your own Member Photo Album:

    1. Log into your account.
    2. Select your name at the top right of the window. This will take you to your member profile.
    3. Select Member photo albums from the profile menu
    4. Select Add album
    5. Add a Title and Description for your album and select the Submit button.
    6. To Add photo(s) select the Upload photos button.
  1. At this point you select the Choose File for each photo you want to upload. You can only select 1 photo at a time. Once you have up to 5 photos selected click on the Upload button. The photos will take a few moments to upload. Once the upload is done you can continue choosing photos by selecting the Upload photos button and repeat this step until you are done.

For More information on uploading your own photo albums follow this link: Guide to Member Photo Albums

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